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Demystifying Alternative Finance

Private Credit and Private Equity and Capital Markets - Oh my!

Overwhelmed, confused or simply seeking to increase your understanding of Alternative Finance? Join a community of like-minded professionals to explore capital markets and the opportunities ahead.


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...educate your clients

on Alternative Finance and the opportunities, whether as investments or to grow their own business.

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Alternative Finance continues to command more market share and there is a high demand for professionals in this sector.

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Engaging with the Alternative Finance community can lead to new partnerships and collaborations.


Demystifying Alternative Finance

Join us for an immersive online experience that dives into the innovative and ever-evolving realm of finance. This four-module course is designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of alternative finance, covering diverse solutions such as private credit, private equity, and other capital markets strategies.


Introduction to Alternative Finance

In this foundational module, we lay the groundwork by exploring the fundamental concepts and principles of alternative finance. Gain insights into the driving forces behind the rise of alternative financing solutions and understand their significance in today's financial landscape.

Exploring Private Credit

Dive deep into the realm of private credit and discover the mechanisms, risk factors, and potential benefits with private credit as an alternative source of funding.

Unraveling Private Equity

Explore the world of private equity and gain a nuanced understanding of its role in financing ventures, acquisitions, and restructuring. Learn about the dynamics of private equity investments and the impact they have on businesses and the economy.

Navigating Capital Markets

In the final module, we expand our exploration to encompass a variety of capital markets solutions within the alternative finance sphere. From venture capital to hedge funds, gain valuable insights into the diverse strategies and instruments that comprise this dynamic landscape.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why This Program
is Different

I've been where you are now; wondering where to start and feeling like one answered question created so many follow up questions. I remember feeling restricted in my lending solutions as a Commercial Lender but weary of Alternative Finance. I had to chip away at my questions and now I have the privilege of almost exclusively partnering with Private Credit and Private Equity funds as solution providers for my clients.

My course is designed to help you benefit from my learning journey and master the basics of Alternative Finance. And, from there, we can dive even deeper into this industry behemoth.



I’m Teresa, your Instructor.

For the past 20 years, I've been immersed in the finance industry, embarking on this journey as a teenager and a first-generation college student. I've experienced firsthand how intimidating this industry can be, especially in the field of alternative finance. I now lead a nationwide debt placement and advisory practive, almost exclusively working with alternative capital providers to serve my clients.

My mission is to break down barriers and make the capital markets more accessible by educating and empowering business leaders.

Here's to your success.


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